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The hallmarks of high-quality pavement signs

Pavement signs can be quite tricky for businesses and individuals. You see, when you put paint on the pavement, it can get really messy. It can get messy applying the paint. It can get messy achieving the right look. It can be a hassle removing the pavement sign. This is why it's really important to consider professional help when looking for these types of signs.

Unfortunately, like with any other service market, there's a wide range of providers out there. There's no shortage of people and outfits looking forward to taking your money. The problem is even though they're eager to do business with you, this doesn’t automatically mean that you should do business with them. You have to keep your eyes peeled. You can't afford to get ripped off.

You can get ripped off in two ways. First, you can waste your hard-earned dollars on the wrong service provider. This service provider would give you substandard service, and you walk away disappointed. That’s tragic enough as it is, but they also rob you in another way. They rob you of your time. Since this is your pavement, we're talking about, if they do a lousy job, you have to put in time, effort, and energy cleaning up their mess and then getting a replacement sign. Do you see how this all works out? You lose out in more ways than one.

It's really important to make sure that you recognize the hallmarks of high-quality pavement signs. Otherwise, you might be making the wrong decision. You might go with the wrong service provider, and this can open a whole can of worms. This can leave you disappointed. This can also leave you broke. Just how do you find the right provider? Keep your eyes peeled on the following factors.

Just because someone can paint on concrete doesn't mean you should hire them

The first thing that you have to understand is that you have to be clear about your mindset. You might be so relieved that somebody will somehow paint your pavement sign that you are ready, willing, and eager to whip out your wallet and lay out some cold hard cash. You might want to fight that urge.

Always remember that just because they can do the bare basics of pavement painting doesn't mean that you need to do business with them. In many cases, these are precisely the wrong people. It's not a question of having minimal skills. It's a question of professionalism. These are two distinct things. Just because somebody has the skill to hammer some wood together doesn't necessarily mean that he or she is a professional carpenter. I hope you see where I'm coming from.

Go beyond pricing

Another trap you need to avoid is low pricing. There are companies out there that provide pavement signs. A lot of them are much cheaper than others. Don’t let the low prices dazzle you. In many cases, there's a reason why certain companies charge so little. As the old saying goes, "If you pay peanuts, you attract monkeys." I'm telling you, there is no shortage of monkeys who are ready, willing, and eager to run away with your money. Go beyond pricing. Pay attention work quality. Pay attention to after-sales service.

Quality pavement signs look professional

The bottom line is that you're looking for a professional look. You're not looking for somebody to just paint your pavement. Anybody can do that. In fact, you can do that if you have the right equipment. That’s not the issue. It's all about professionalism because this can impact people's perceptions of your home or your business.

Quality providers go through the right painting process

So what separates a professional painting outfit from an improvised crew? Very simple. Quality providers have a long checklist of practices that ensure a professional look. They prepare the pavement surface properly. They have the right paint. They have the right equipment. They apply the materials properly. They have quality control procedures. Compare this with somebody who is just working out of his garage. It's no comparison.

That person is just going to draw in pencil the design on your pavement, and then spray away. Usually, that person is not wearing a paint mask. Usually, that person is not masking off surrounding areas so the paint doesn't splatter or spray. It can lead to a mess. I'm not saying that amateur pavement painters uniformly do a bad job. I'm not claiming that at all. What I am saying is that due to lack of professional safeguards and quality control programs, the chances of you walking away with disappointing quality is much higher than if you deal with a truly professional outfit.

Professional companies are worth the extra price. If anything, at least you can come back to them. Good luck trying to hunt down somebody who is working out of his or her garage or van.

Pay attention to durability

A lot of homeowners and business owners get taken in by service providers that offer bargain basement pricing. There's a reason why these companies offer such low rates. You might think that they may offer the same overall professional quality. After all, their paint seems professional enough and the designs might be on point. However, the problem is often concealed. The problem is in their materials.

You see, the reason why they can offer such low services is not because they value their labor any less. In many cases, their labor is priced at the same rate as more professional outfits. They cut corners when it comes to materials. I am, of course, talking about the paint that they're using. These paints can flake off quickly. These paints can fade. Some paint is also imported from China and can contain harmful compounds. I don’t mean to scare you, but you're opening a whole can of worms when you neglect the quality of durability.

There's a reason why are getting pavement signs done. You want durability, so it's really important to pay attention to the materials used in painting your pavement signs. Even pavement signs that use stand-up construction metal are prone to durability issues. Whether you're talking about a painted sign or a prop-up sign, you need to pay attention to durability. You need to pay attention to the base materials that they use to create that sign. Otherwise, you are going to be out of luck when that sign fades.

Pay attention to design adaptation

Whether you're getting a stand-up pavement sign made, or you're getting a sign painted on the ground, you need to pay attention to design adaptation. Design adaptation involves transferring the design that you have on paper or on a digital media format, and converting it into a stand-up metal and plastic sign or a pavement design that you see on the ground.

While some companies may do a really good job in faithfully reproducing that image, others may produce such a lousy outcome that you can't even tell that they based the design off your template. I hope you see how crucial this factor is. I'm saving it for last because I wanted it to be the last thing on your mind. I want it to stick to your mind because this is a deal killer.

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